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Having Healthy Boundaries

I used to have really poor boundaries; I believed your happiness was more important than my happiness and that often meant going places I didn’t want to go, doing work I didn’t want to do or spending my time in ways I’d rather not.  

I was afraid if I said ‘no’, I wouldn’t be liked, I’d lose my job, or worse, it would validate those ugly thoughts I used to have about myself…

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How to Declutter Your Home after the Holidays

It’s Christmas Eve in the US, which means in about 24 hours y’all are going to be opening presents.  That means more possessions.  More stuff.  More clutter.  Listen, I love new stuff; clothes, candles, dishes, books, furniture…but when something becomes a “display” or when you can’t fit that new dress in the closet, yet you still have “nothing to wear”, it’s time to clean out that old energy. 

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I'll Be Alone for Christmas

I’ll Be Alone For Christmas

What do you do when your hometown doesn’t feel like home anymore?  Home is a funny word.  It implies warmth, safety and familiarity.  Until it doesn’t.  Sometimes you find yourself in no man’s land – not comfortable with going back to where you came from, but not yet in the place where you have your own traditions. 

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Why Help Yourself?

In December 2014 my life was at one of its lowest points.  The company I was working for had closed without warning and without my last paycheck, I was dating a guy who was in and out of jail, and I lived in the Venice version of Animal House.  At one point my self-worth was so low, I asked Google how to fix it. 

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I Want To Go Home

I was listening to the Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations during my workout today and this particular conversation was with Anthony Ray Hinton, a wrongly convicted death row inmate who spent 30 years in prison before he was exonerated. 

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